Work Orders

At this time we will only be doing emergency work orders. When a member of our maintenance staff comes to your apartment to complete an emergency service request, we ask that you unlock the door for them and then move all family members to a bedroom with the door closed. This is for the protection of you, your family and our staff. When the maintenance technician has completed the emergency service request they will tell you they are leaving so you may exit the bedroom.

Emergency service requests:

-Fire (call 911 first)

- Water leak that cannot be contained (flood)

-Loss of heat when outside temperature drops below 50 degrees

-Loss of AC when outside temperature is above 90 degrees

-Backed up toilet

-Backed up sink or tub (water will not drain)

-No hot water

-Broken garage door or entry door

-Gas smell (smoke alarms)

-Inoperable appliances 

-Lockout ($50 charge)


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