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Christmas Fun at Home

Many of us may not be getting together as usual becuase of covid so here are some fun activities to do at home with family!


Scavenger hunt

      Instead of sitting around a good way to get active is to hide miscellaneous items around the house for other family members to find for a surprise gift!


Christmas Guess Who?

      Personalize the iconic game of Guess Who and give it a holiday twist by making cards that relate to various family members or using Polaroid photos as cards for an easy, vintage twist. Then, to guess the correct person, use holiday prompts like, "Who makes her signature Christmas dessert?" or "Who's celebrated the most holidays in our family?" 


Oven Mitts game

      Wrap small presents and even cash up in saran wrap with items being inbetween different layers.  Then hand the ball around and have your family members try to unwrap the ball with oven mitts while a timer is going.  Each person will get 30 seconds and what they unwrap in that time they get to keep!


Gingerbread House Competition

     You and your loved ones could have a gingerbread house competition to see who makes the best looking house judged by one member of the family. 


Holiday themed pictionary

      Simply write down on paper holiday themed objects, movies, or people to have family members draw for their team. 


Happy Holidays!

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