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Interior Design Tips

Hanging Art

    When hanging art above a sofa it is best to anchor it to the piece by hanging it 8-10" above.  Wall collages are a great way to fill up a large empty wall using a mix of art and shelving. 


Saving Space

    Storage ottoman cubes are a great way to add storage as well as additional seating in small spaces.  Ottomans can be stored under an open hall console or a console placed behind a sofa facing an opening.  Pull out sofas are a great way to add space for occasional guests and are relatively inexpensive today. 


Neutral Walls

    Having neutral wall colors even in a range of color shades allows for you to accent with bright colors of your choice. Changing out colors for each season is also easier with a neutral back drop. 

Furniture layouts

    Furniture layout can be tricky as each space is different however there is no exact science to it. Furniture should be laid out to best fit the needs of the user. If you like to read create a space with a shelf and a cozy chair next to it. If max seating is important to you a sectional may be the right fit followed with some accent chairs. Try starting with one large main piece of furniture and add from there. 

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